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How It Works

It's All About Immersion

Team Combat creates realistic combat simulations for fun, sport, or tactical training purposes. This is a new concept of fun and entertainment. Each Team Combat site has a 14,000+ square foot facility and offers a Tactical Laser Tag experience that is immersive, stimulating, and satisfying for adults and teens with special missions offered for 8 - 12 year olds.

We create an environment that gets them off the couch and IN the game! Team Combat offers many immersive mission options such as “Capture the Flag,” “Defuse the Bomb,” and “Protect the President.” Team Combat has proudly hosted local SWAT teams, the US Navy, and the Indiana National Guard. These groups are all satisfied customers of Team Combat and its flagship location in Northwest Indiana.

Military-Grade Equipment

The Team Combat experience starts with high-quality military-grade equipment.

The Coolest Tagger You've Ever Seen

Gone are the days of flimsy plastic space-themed "phasers". These are full-weight, precision-tuned replicas of real world weapons.

Recoil Imitation

High quality haptic and audio feedback.

Optical Scope

High-performance precision-dialed holographic scope.

Replica Weight

Weighted aluminum frame for maximum immersion.

Adjustable Stock

Provides a stable firing platform for long-range shots.

Military grade, replica weight laser tag tagger with optical scope adjustable stock and recoil imitation

Objective-Based Game Types

Every prop and gametype is developed in-house and goes through a rigorous and extensive research and development cycle to provide the best possible guest experience.

Espionage gametype extraction point


Locate key cards, extract documents and get them to the extraction points.

Control Point King of the Hill Domination gametype

Control Point

Teams battle for control of the point. The team who controls the point longer wins.

Defuse the Bomb Disarm gametype

Defuse the Bomb

Teams are split into attackers to defuse the bomb and defenders to stop them.

Search and Destroy gametype

Search and Destroy

Teams plant the bomb on one of three objectives, indicated by an A, B, or C, then defend it.

Fully Immersive Battlefield

Our integrated battlefield turns conventional "laser tag" into a fully-immersive tactical laser tag experience.

Integrated objective-triggered ambient lighting


Objective-triggered and ambient lighting.

Modular arangable battlefields


Battlefield structures built to be moved and arranged.

Automatic hands-free respawn stations

Automatic Respawn

Effortless and intuitive respawn stations.

Integrated objective-triggered ambient sound


Ambient sound, epic music and battlefield trigged sound effects.

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