Don’t miss your opportunity to own a Team Combat, Inc. Franchise!

Limited geographic territories. No rebranding required for existing businesses!
Give yourself the competive edge and join the Tactical Gaming Systems Network today!

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Why a franchise and not just buying some equipment?

Buying equipment is only half of what you need to run a successful tactical laser tag attraction.
Our years of knowledge will help you get from Start to Success quickly and efficiently!
If you are successful, we are successful!

National Membership System:

The membership system provides recurring monthly revenue for you, the owner and as more Team Combat locations come online, the national network will strengthen making each location more powerful. The goal is to have local, regional and national competition.

Tested Missions and Props:

All the missions provided to you include the sound scenes and lighting cues integrated to props on the battlefield. The TGS System comes turnkey, ready to use and includes training and support. We’ll also continue to develop new mission packages so you can continually offer new and exciting game modes to your members and the general public. All the base mission and add-on missions are tested in our facility to prove functionality and popularity.

Stability and Freedom:

Know that the equipment, missions, processes and systems are all honed and streamlined through years of testing and improving at our facility. You don’t have to spend valuable resources of time and payroll to figure it all out on your own! Joining the TGS team is the right choice. The question is, are you right for Tactical Gaming Systems?

Flexible Battlefield Design:

Part of the gaming marketplace is the ability to change the arena easily and approximately once per year. Gamers have many “map” options but in a physical environment that’s not as possible. New missions and new battlefield layouts keep it fresh and engaging. Tactical Gaming Systems tested design is rugged, durable and modular so changing the map is easy!

Ongoing Mission, Prop & Equipment Development:

We are field owners too! With equipment manufacturers they aren’t specifically connected to your success and therefore, don’t always develop new things quickly for you as the business owner. In a our franchise model, the franchise royalties you pay, funds the ongoing development and allows for you to have direct input into new products and ideas!

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Wide age and gender demographic: 40% female, average participation age is 31 years old, Minimum age 8 years old.

Multiple Revenue Streams:

The key business drivers are:
Birthday Parties (8+, Teens & Adults)
Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Corporate Team Building Events

Tap into the 46 Billion Video Game industry
Low Startup Costs
No monthly Franchise Fee
Low Royalty fee
Incredible Support System
New Mission Packages Released Regularly
State of the Art Equipment (No Wires)
Several add-on options to increase revenue (Knee Pads, Handle, Laser, Tactical Flashlight)
Average spend per person is $41 per outing and 20% of guests repeat visits on the average of 1X per 4 weeks. 40% of Guests repeat visit 1x per 8 weeks.