Frequently Asked Questions

To better help prospective owners navigate the process, we have put together the following franchise ownership FAQs to provide quick information to your questions.

You should have $150,000-$200,000 liquid capital to fund marketing, salaries and operational cash for several months after opening. The total all-in range including your capital, the equipment, build-out costs, lease, etc. is between $450,000 and $650,000.

If you find the perfect facility, you could be open in as little as 4 months. Most operators take approximately 6 months from the time they sign the Franchise Agreement until they open for business.

You'll be operating in a light industrial style space with approximately 2,500 square feet of finished space for bathrooms, party rooms, offices, server room and common hang-out area. The battlefield space is an open box (warehouse) approximately 7,500-8,000 sq. ft. with 16 ft. ceilings. The entire facility should be heated, air conditioned and have a fire sprinler system throughout.

Vertical markets include birthday parties, bachelor/ette parties, corporate events, team building, youth groups, scout troupes, graduation celebrations and sports team season celebrations. Additionally, area law enforcement (both local and federal) will want to rain in your facility with your equipment. You will also host recruiting events for local armed forces recruiting centers.

Due to incredibily high margins, you can expect a rapid return on your investment. We will provide you with tools to project your approximate ROI based on your particular market and other variables during your discovery process.

We strive at a franchise level for an awesome guest experience every time. We also strive for this level of service to our franchises. With technical and business support systems already in place, we plan to grow our support staff as the franchise system grows.

Being a part of the Team Combat franchise means:

  • You will share best-practices and experimental results with other franchisees allowing you to grow rapidly with other like-minded franchise owners. We discovered over the years that the cool guns are only about 10% of what’s truly needed for a sustainable, successful business model.
  • Access to a robust membership system that encourages play at all Team Combat facilities around the country.
  • Business support and systems that are crucial to success like, reservations systems, waiver management systems, gift certificate and incentive certificate system, POS system, marketing program, sales processes, etc.
  • Access to a steady stream of new, fully tested and integrated missions to continue to enhance your high-end immersive environment.
  • Input into future developments of missions, products and services but have available our expert staff of developers, photographers, lighting designers, sound engineers and production crews dedicated to create the new products and services as a polished, professional product.
  • Being a part of a family of locations operating on a common platform to host local, regional and national tournaments to turn this into a highly competitive sport.

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